Tales from the ARVInn 1

by: Robert Nalley | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024

A series of tales set in a world where an Age Regression Virus escapes a researcher and has notable effects on the population. Chapters will be separate experiences or descriptions. The life experiences of those who contract the ARV are as varied as life itself, ranging from a select few who were simply 'frozen' at their current age down to some who became toddler size, with all the issues and difficulties one might expect. **Please note that due to the complexity of some of the items, a link to a MediaFire file will be provided. Others will be posted as originally created or specifically adapted to this site.**


Tales from the ARVInn--Memorandum

After years of the Virus, an archive is established to document the experiences of a particular residential facility.

Apr 7, 2024


The Beginnng

The virus causing age regression was not intended to do that, but came from other motivations.

Apr 27, 2024


It took decades to trace and begin to understand the unique virus that had emerged.

Apr 28, 2024


The Beginning: Chapter 2 Illustrations

Additional illustrations for Chapter 2

Apr 28, 2024


The Virus: Additional Illustrations for Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Illustrations

Apr 28, 2024


Among the means used to combat the spread of the AR Virus were 'colonies', isolated residential locations for those who might contract it. They had their moment.

Apr 28, 2024


The Government Gets Involved

As with anything affecting many people, governments must respond. For this event, those responses led to years of trouble and disturbance for many places. Eventually, sound judgement led to settlements that were helpful.

Apr 29, 2024


The ARV Act of 2062

After years of debate and indecision, protection for AR Adults becomes law.

Apr 30, 2024


AR-Adult Certification Card

The new ID cards produced for AR-Adults were high-tech marvels, with suitable penalties for mis-use.

Apr 30, 2024


NAFARA--Helping AR-Adults

As the number of AR-Adults increased, so did helping organizations, designed to help them have meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Apr 30, 2024


Patient Zero

While many AR-Adults went about their lives quietly and some hid themselves away, others were quite open about their lives. One such person, a member of the original cohort of victims, is K.G., who is known and respected in his home community.

Apr 30, 2024


Housing Trends for AgeRegressed Adults

Among the ARVInn Archive documents are various news reports, dealing with anything affecting those who are age-regressed.

Apr 30, 2024


The Origin of ARVInn

Many projects came about to assist the AR-Adult population. Residential centers were among the most common. One, located in southeast Ohio, quickly became an outstanding example.

Apr 30, 2024


ARVInn--The Residences

The first ARVInn building was a former school, renovated to fit its new inhabitants, most of whom would have fit right in for its first use.

May 4, 2024


ARVInn--Using the Buildings

All the buildings on the original property found new uses. As the population increased, new buildings added to the comfort and programs offerings for everyone.

May 4, 2024


ARVInn--Expanding the Property

With the success of the ARVInn project, the population grew and new land was added to allow for more residences and services.

May 4, 2024


ARVInn--The Director

Any organization needs someone at its helm. For the ARVInn, the initial director was a person with first-hand experience.

May 5, 2024


ARVInn--The Manager

As the ARVInn grew into a complex operation, the Director soon found himself needing to shift some of the burdens onto other shoulders (no matter what size they were!). Marvin Hailey soon found himself in a management position, showing that he might look like a kid, but wasn't!

May 5, 2024


ARVInn--Specialized Care Facility

There are downsides to the AR Virus. One is that lack of proper care during the regression phase brings about the 'childlike state', which essentially is a mental regression which does not necessarily match the physical size. Some are able to live with family or even independently, but many are reduced to a state needing full-time care. ARVInn, with its emphasis on 'the best possible life for AR-Adults,' and its research orientation, also includes a place for these 'permanent children.'

May 5, 2024



One of the peculiarities of the AR Virus was the 'freezing' of age for its victims. Most became younger, but a rare few were quite literally stopped in their tracks, 'frozen' at the age when they contracted the virus. Dr. Leland Grimes was one such AR-Adult. His personal career and ARVInn soon intersected.

May 5, 2024


ARVInn--Mattie Leone, Businessman

Many people and their abilities came together to make the ARVInn concept a success. Mateo Leone, a successful New York businessman, was one of the early contributors.

May 5, 2024


ARVInn--Guys on the Roof

As the ARVInn developed, residents filled many jobs on campus. Some were office work, while others were more crafts work. Even work on the buildings had its mix of AR-Adults and others, once again showing that being child-sized did not necessarily limit what they could accomplish.

May 5, 2024


ARVInn--The Electricians

Work crews at the ARVInn handle most of its upkeep, remodeling and repair needs. They are composed of a mixture of residents and local employees, working together. Specialized skills are often found among residents.

May 5, 2024


ARVInn--Youngest Known Victim

Extreme age regression was fortunately not all that common with the AR Virus. However, there were still quite a few preschoolers. Only a handful found themselves with an age measured in months. Jim is the youngest known of those.

May 5, 2024


ARVInn--Transportation Guy

For people who had lost some ease of movement, with distances now feeling much greater, getting around at the ARVinn could pose problems. The resident staff came up with some really fun and innovative ways to talk care of those problems.

May 7, 2024

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