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SRU: School Days

by: Louder Last updated May 6, 2005

A teenager visits Spells 'R Us to teach her mother a lesson.

The Diaper Bag

by: Personalias Last updated Jun 22, 2021 A professional babysitter in a quiet little town comes across a bottomless diaper bag that can make supplies for any size. ANY size. What's the worst that could go wrong?

Long Day at the Daycare

by: Last updated Jun 18, 2021

After a long shift at an understaffed day-care, Jimmy is feeling like a quick break is in order... but he gets a very different one than expected.

No Trespassing

by: Last updated Jun 23, 2021

Never ignore the signs if you're going door to door. Some homeowners have unorthodox methods of treating their guests that ignore them...

Little Accidents

by: Last updated Jul 13, 2021

Ace is a caretaker at his local daycare, and finds one particular charge is failing at his potty training. Time to take him off his potty chart, but not before the charge gets an idea with some interesting results....

RegressCo - The Quarterly Evaluation

by: Last updated Aug 14, 2021

Tom is heading for his first quarterly evaluation at RegressCo’s head office in Hazelbrook. He’s spent all morning preparing, but how will he fare in front of the panel?

Deal with a wizard...

by: Pullup Princess Last updated Oct 9, 2021

Lilly King desperately wants to be a girl. But she's stuck in the body of a man, and can't escape. Not by normal means anyway. Supernatural means are another story entirely. Lilly makes a deal with a strange man called the Wizard, and gets her new female body. But every wish comes with a cost...

Made To Fit

by: ReinaHW Last updated Oct 10, 2021

Made to fit just right, just as it should be.


by: Omnomnomdom Last updated Nov 6, 2021

Vanessa was supposed to be queen of her high school this year. Now, she might end up in a different class altogether.

Little Down For A Little Up

by: Reina Watt Last updated Dec 16, 2021

First of the AR Christmas stories for this year from me. A little down for a little up

Scotty's trip to DisneyWorld

by: Last updated Mar 22, 2022

[ABDL] College Sophomore Scott is dragged by his parents to DisneyWorld instead of Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break

And Breathe

by: ReinaHW Last updated Mar 25, 2022

Just breathe and let the softness help you rest

Sleep over do-over

by: Michael Leite Last updated May 22, 2022


A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr Last updated May 27, 2024

(2 NEW pictures added 4/3/24) ..........Link to story images: .......... (I'm not sure why the ARarchive website had a glitch in late May 2024 that removed all my chapters from 75 to 99 and all greater than 175 so I'll post here with chapter 176 and onward.) (Apologies to William Shakespeare’s: A Comedy of Errors) Partly fan fiction based on the premise of: When It Rains, It Pours Chap 7 by Grennd 2/8/2006 A man recounts a series of tales related to his most unusual trait: his curse to become younger when doused with water.

The Halloween Spirit

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Mar 1, 2024

A little horror anthology for the month of October. A sinister presence infantilizes and humiliates those who abuse the spirit of Halloween, altering their lives forever as punishment.

The Succubus

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Oct 29, 2022

A Succubus prowls the night on Halloween and discovers that her powers, in addition to overcoming men with lust, also render women submissive and childish. She decides to seduce a man in a bar, and when his wife tries to protest, she transforms her into an adult baby cuckquean.

Sister sister

by: Amixard Last updated Oct 31, 2022

A terrifying take on a classic AR trope for Halloween. Melinda always wanted a younger sister, but she always had an older brother. Perhaps a spell she found on the internet could fix that. But unlike what some stories will have you believe, magic comes with a price!


by: ReinaHW Last updated Nov 13, 2022

Two short stories that tie into each other. Hindsight can last a long time.

37. Mystery Man (1st Edition)

by: Jodie Delight Last updated Nov 12, 2022

My 37th ABDL story. This is a Gay AB Boy/Daddy story. This is my original 2018 1st Edition.

34. Abracadabra! (1st Edition)

by: Jodie Delight Last updated Nov 12, 2022

My 34th ABDL story. This is a Straight AB Girl/Daddy story. This is my original 2018 1st Edition.

Jodie Delight - ABDL Amazon Author

by: Jodie Delight Last updated Nov 12, 2022

Adult Baby & Sissy Author of 70+ Single Original Amazon eBooks. Est. 2017

Jodie Delight - Adult Baby & Sissy Author (Amazon eBooks)

by: Jodie Delight Last updated Jan 31, 2024

Author of 70+ Single Adult Baby & Sissy eBooks on Amazon. Est. 2017.

A lovely youths

by: Dapato Last updated Dec 12, 2022

Hello I this Pato also called DaPato. And here Dapato is with some stuff you may like! An AR Illustrator with many options for you! All of this made because of that author of Amazon who just came here to spam and not contribute anything!

The snowman

by: Amixard Last updated Dec 26, 2022

5 friends reunite for a Christmas party. But an unexpected guest from their past has other plans for them.

Chronomancers Rule!

by: SleebyTransformer Last updated Feb 9, 2023

Time Magic encompasses more than just time travel and stopping time, as one lucky bystander is going to learn...

Love sick

by: Amixard Last updated Feb 15, 2023

When a woman creates an elixir that makes any man that sees her fall madly in love with her, a of guys go to great lengths to resist her charms and save those that she enslaved.

A Millie Wonderland

by: Last updated Feb 19, 2023

Millie is a girl who believes in fairies, and is offered a gift that will let her make the world more to her liking by her own fairy godmother! What could go wrong?

The Curse of Middleton High

by: Last updated Feb 21, 2023

In the small nothing town of Middleton, a curse is released that wreaks havoc on students, staff, and bystanders alike.

Suzy’s Magical Park Trip

by: Last updated Mar 4, 2023

Suzy has convinced her friends to join her plan to cheat the system on a trip to the amusement park! What could go wrong?

Regression Ray-Gun

by: MaleKim Last updated May 1, 2023

A MAD style story in that it uses slight variations on names to avoid nasty legal proceedings from certain companies.

The Seven Deadly Sins

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Jun 4, 2023

An anthology of very short infantilisation/mental regression stories, each themed around one of the seven deadly sins.


by: GRLpGpAG Last updated Aug 25, 2023



by: GRLpGpAG Last updated Aug 25, 2023


Nathan’s walk in the woods

by: Amixard Last updated Oct 3, 2023

Nathan’s explores a mysterious forest area and experiences the magic of childhood.

A Wish to Win

by: DaddyWuffster Last updated Feb 18, 2024

A genie? In a diaper pail? What magic will he possess, what wishes will he grant? Well, he’s in a daycare with three unassuming attendants and only one wish to give…

The Succubus - Valentine's Day

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Mar 1, 2024

A sequel to The Succubus. (A belated Valentine's Day story because I forgot to post it here at the time)

The Magician's Game

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Mar 24, 2024

Five women become the playthings of a man calling himself the Magician. Using his powers, he forces them to go through a series of humiliatingly childish challenges, with infantilizing and permanent consequences for the losers. Inspired by the sadly discontinued season one of The Humble Games by Parker Longabaugh.

The Flower Girl

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Apr 30, 2024

Grace is getting married and she’s determined not to let Jessica, her husband-to-be’s ex, ruin the wedding. But if this is her big day, why is she being dressed as the flower girl?

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