cracked circuit board

Infinite AR - Episode 9997

Jimmy/Jamie, found the circuit board cracked on the inside. There was absolutely no easy way to fix this, his hands were now nowhere near as sturdy being a small child. She was now finding it harder to keep concentrated on the task. Of course Katie/Kirk wasn't helping the way he was jumping around and playing as a little two year old should.
Jim, started feeling more girly, but embraced it knowing that he might be stuck this way for a really long time and perhaps through out growing up again. The simple Name of Jim, being called out now to her felt somewhat upsetting. Even though Jim did like his name as a boy suddenly liked being called "Jamie" even better.
Jamie had no idea where he got this board that he was able to customize so easily. It came out of some electronic device, but what. Jamie either had to try his best to connect the two halves with a space in between them and only work out a temporary fix, or do what seemed to be almost impossible. Somehow recreate what he had originally done when she was an older he.
Meanwhile Katie seemed to be more relaxed and carefree from what had happened to make her a him. Being in the body of a two year old, would probably do that sort of thing to anybody. She still responded well to Katie even though the name didn't fit any more. Over time Kirk became a more normal approach and Kirky at times which helped him get more used to it.

  1. Time to go play
  2. Jamie on the lookout for a specific circuit board.
  3. Kirk and Jamie run and play
  4. Jamie forgot to remove batteries before piecing it back together.

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