That was easy, but it's stuck in progression mode now

Infinite AR - Episode 9996

"Well, I think I've fixed it in a way," Jamie stated, "though we aren't out of the woods yet." "What do you mean?" asked Katie,"and why do my clothes look different, and my voice sound different,come to think of it, you look different too..." "That is because the damn thing is stuck in older mode," a 14 year old Jamie responded as she continued to blossom. the two girls soon appeared to be teenagers, and they did not seem to be getting any older."Like Katie, this outfit is so last year... wanna go shopping sis? the 17 year old asked. "Uh, sure,I guess so..."replied the 13 year old as they headed off to the mall.

  1. they take the gun with them just in case
  2. they forget the gun at home and someone finds it
  3. they age even more
  4. they change gender
  5. se

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12/9/2007 5:21:07 PM

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