Jim stops shrinking.

Infinite AR - Episode 9951

When Jim stops shrinking he looks to be about the same height as a 6 month old, but he still has his same characteristics. Looking at him at a distance he still looked like himself in the house of a giant. He still had the problem of not having any clothes that would still fit him. Now at his current size most of anything that would fit him would be clothes made for a 6 month old However even they looked way too baggy on him. Sharon tried to find him something that would fit, at least for now. Considering his now current size Sharon decided she would go to the store to look for something so he wasn't running around completely naked until they figured out what to do. Sharon weighed and measured her little man. He was about 24 inches and weighed about 9 lbs. He didn't look chubby like a baby at all. Sharon went shopping in the baby isle and first picked up a package of Huggies newborn diapers. Then she couldn't really find much of anything else that wouldn't be baggy on him. But she was able to at least find a cute little diaper cover, which came with a 0-3months baseball outfit. She figured the shirt might be a little short but at least the pants would be like having knee length shorts.

  1. Jim says, "I'm not wearing that"
  2. Sharon dresses Jim forcefully
  3. Surprise Sharon also bought some girly things.

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