All new size - and a cute one at that.

Infinite AR - Episode 9950

Weighed down by a fairly large looking mass of clothes, Jim looks up as Sharon returns. Not sure what to say at first, Sharon just looks at him and then smiles. "Awwww! Aren't you just so cute!" Before Jim can say anything, Sharon drops the towels and other baby things on Jim's bed, then picks Jim up and cuddles him close to her, causing Jim to squirm.

"Let go! I'm not a baby!" He protests. Sharon doesn't listen though, she sits him down onto his bed and quickly, and before Jim can even protest about it, makes a make shift nappy/diaper with the towels, applies baby powder and nappy/diaper cream to Jim's bottom and groin, and then pins the nappy/diaper on him.

At first Jim is appealed about what's just happened, then he realises it's pretty comfortable and he was feeling something he hadn't felt for a long time, a strong feeling of safety and security. "There we go, all snug and oh so cute" Sharon picks him up and cuddles him again, patting his nappy/diaper covered bottom and gently rocking him in her arms.

"My little cutie, oh yes you are" Sharon whispers happily in his ear as Jim...

  1. Gives in and let's Sharon treat him like a baby
  2. Protests and tries to get away
  3. Ends up using his nappy/diaper just like a baby
  4. Realises that Sharon's becoming very maternal
  5. Something else

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11/25/2007 9:14:05 PM

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