Still a bit to go in terms of size

Infinite AR - Episode 9948

"Okay, they should help for now" Sharon comments after finding what clothes she could.

"I don't think they will, they're getting big on me" Jim replies and Sharon sees that he's right, where barely seconds ago they had been fitting him, they were now beginning to hang off him. Judging by his size, Jim was more or less the size of a three year old and getting smaller.

"At this rate the only clothes that are going to fit you are baby clothes, including nappies/diapers" Jim pales at that thought, and then looks down.

"Emm, Sharon...maybe I'm going to be needing those, my shrinking isn't just limited to size" Sharon looks down and notices a dark patch growing on the floor underneath Jim.

"Great, now I'm really going to be changing your nappies/diapers. Okay, let's make something makeshift for now and we'll go shopping, hopefully you're shrinking will stop" Quickly, as Jim shrinks farther to the size of a one year baby, Sharon gathers up a few small towels and returns to Jim, to notice he's...

  1. Stopped shrinking at the size of a one year baby?
  2. Stopped shrinking at the size of a six month old baby?
  3. Stopped shrinking at the size of a new born baby?
  4. Disappeared completely - He's dead, Jim!
  5. Something else

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11/24/2007 12:20:22 AM

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