Infinite AR - Episode 9804

Kati's friend Emily walked in with a large bag full of clothes. She stared at Jim and then at Kati, "Kati?" she asked "Is that you?". "Yup!" Kati said "Jim made this machine that turned him into a baby and me in to a teen, but it broke giving me its abilities". "Wow" Emily said looking at Kati's body "I see why you need these clothes". "And soon you will too" Kati said with a smile". As she said it Emily began to get bigger. She grew a nice set of boobs and began to sprout hair in once hairless places. She stared at Kati in amazement. Then they both put on the panties and bras that Emily had brought over, they decide to wait to put on the rest of the close untill they had to. After all why not admire their new found adulthood for a bit longer. They then decide to...

  1. Play with baby Jim
  2. Play with each other
  3. Call over more friends
  4. Turn Jim into a girl
  5. S.E

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11/1/2007 4:42:14 PM

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