Infinite AR - Episode 9799

Kati put newborn Jim on her lap and began to spank him. At first the big diaper and large amounts of poo helped to cushion the blows, but after a while they started to sting and Jim started to cry like a baby. "There there " Katie said "Lets get you all cleaned up. Kati laughed as she took off Jim's diaper revealing his small penis. Normally Jim would've found this embarrassing but he right now Jim just laughed along with her unsure of what was so funny. When she had cleaned Jim up she went back into her closet to see if she could find anything that would fit her. She still couldn't find anything. She ploped down on the bed and stared at Jim. Suddenly her eyes lit up. "I know what I will do!" she cried and grabbed the phone. "Hey Emily" she said into the reciver trying to mock her old girlish voice "I need you to come down to my house and bring some of your older sisters clothing....enough for you and me to wear...don't worry why just bring it!". She hung up the reciver and turned to baby Jim. Just then..

  1. There parents walk in
  2. Emily enters (that was fast)
  3. Kati gets horny
  4. S.E

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11/1/2007 4:32:59 PM

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