Might as well join her

Infinite AR - Episode 97155

"Look she cant be left like this alone for as long as she lives." said Katie

"I know but what can we do?" said Jessica

"Join her in this fate. I know its crazy but she is our best friend. She shouldnt be alone." suggested Katie

"What that is crazy. Spend the rest of our lives being so small and incable of doing nothing but sleep, eat, poop and cry." said Jessica

"Any better ideas?"

"I know but...fine. Lets do this before I change my mind."

First thing they did was they wrote a new to explain their reasons. Then a letter to the families. Even one for Emily's. Next they called the hotel and asked someone to come by (didnt say why).

Soon when there was a knock on the door. In came a hotel employee and found no one except 3 newborn girls wearing nothing but diapers and caps. They seemed fine actually like they were aware of the surroundings. They were making sounds to each other like they were talking. The employee found the note.

"Sigh another one. I wish this didnt happen." said the employee after reading the letter

The hotel let their teacher, then she let their families know. They didnt believe it till they saw their newborn daughters and especially after time never aged a day.

As the years went their parents raised them, then their sibling did when their parents couldnt, then their nieces and nephews did and so on with each generation taking care of them as if they were theirs.

The three girls eventually got used to this fate. Their current families made sure they saw each other often as they understood each other. But its not a good fate. Spending god knows how long as a newborn baby. But after a few centuries they got used to it and loved the attention

  1. wait it was all a crazy dream Jim was having

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