Fate worst then anything

Infinite AR - Episode 97150

"Actually the thing with the ar room is unless the person ages back. Their aging halts on that age for good. If you read the brochure it says "be this good forever"." said the woman on the desk

"I thought return to an age you look good" said Katie

"But what about our friend. She is too young to use the room. How will she ever turn back?" asked Jessica

"Unless you find another way to turn her back or at least old enough to use the room....she will remain a newborn forever." said the woman

"So she will spend her whole life too young to talk, walk, eat solid food!" said Jessica

"Im sorry but there is a reason for the waiver your parents signed. They knew we are not responsible for what happens. Thank you for staying at the hotel. Bye" said the woman hanging up

"What are we going to do?" asked Katie who was now craddling and hushing the now etertanally newborn that was their friend who was crying.

They then decide to..

  1. call Katie's scientist brother Jim...maybe he has something
  2. all Emily's parents to tell them of their daughter's situation
  3. tell their teacher. Maybe she will know what to do.
  4. babysit their friend tring to think of something
  5. join their friend in this stage (knowing full well its forever) so she wouldnt be alone

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