The Perfect Tool

Infinite AR - Episode 96808

Jim had just the previous day finished creating a remote control that could control someone's mind. The device looked deceptively simple, with only two buttons. The first put the person it was pointed at into a hypnotic state, the second woke them up, with no memory of what had happened. In that state, they would do whatever they were commanded to, and wake up with no memory of it later. Jim would also be able to give them triggers that, even after they were out of the hypnotic state, would make them respond exactly as he had set. Naturally, he had programmed in a back door for himself, just in case someone else got a hold of it and tried to use it on him. Pointing the remote at himself and pressing the button to enter the hypnotic state cleared all commands that had been given to him.

Of course, Jim had no plans to let it be used on him. No, he intended to be the one using it, and his first target would be...

  1. his girlfriend.

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5/25/2019 4:33:04 PM

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