little sailor girl

Infinite AR - Episode 9609

He sees a cute pink sailor girl outfit and thinks, that is just adorable. he grabs the outfit and takes it to the changing room closes the door and removes his clothes he then pulles up the cute paink panties and little pink skirt he then slides his arms through the white top with a giant pink bow in front and tucks the end into the skirt and turns to the mirror, just as he's blinded by a bright light when he regains his sight a 8 year old girl in a pink sailor outfit is looking back at him.What the heck just happend he said in a little petite voice did I turn into a little girl???

  1. leave the shop as a little girl
  2. laugh and put the outfit back
  3. make trouble for the shop keepers daughter

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9/22/2007 9:33:23 PM

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