Jim poops out everything

Infinite AR - Episode 94693

Jim relaxed in his full pull up and onsie. It was so warm and gooshy. He sucked on his bottle more aswell, the taste sweet and addicting, and from the looks of it, never ending. Little did Jim know, the bottle was doing more than just making him poop. With small grunt and push, he was loosing himself to it. All the muck in his pull up was his grown up thoughts and memories leaving him. There was so much in his pull up, he shot it. It tightened around his waist and legs, and stretched a bit. Good, it won’t leak now. He set the gun aside and moaned softly, pushing more and letting the mucky goo out without hesitation. He looked at the tv and bit his lip. Mom didn’t like him watching this show. He leaned forward and grabbed the remote. He hit the button to change the channel to cartoons. He got on his knees and grunted, his pull up sagging lumpily behind his ass. Woah. The people on the tv are so colorful and loud. He started hitting more buttons until he landed on seasame street. Mommy liked to watch this show with him sometimes. Big brother hated it. Jim put his ass in the air and wiggles it. He farts loudly and another big push sent out almost everything he knew. His pull up was so full and sagging down so much. Jim sucked on his bottle absent minded, laying on his back and pooping one more time.

  1. Jim falls asleep

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