Poopy squishies and a bouncer

Infinite AR - Episode 94669

Jim slowly woke up a few hours later and sat up. He blushed deeply when he felt how utterly soggy his pull up was and when he looked down he saw how full it was. He stood up slowly and looked in his moms mirror. If the bitty shorts did nothing before, they definitely weren’t now. His pull up was so full the bottom was squishing out the leg holes, and so soaked his shorts were slightly damp. He sat on the floor and squished it in his hand, rubbing it around for a while. Then he smiled and shot his pull up, watching as it stretched to hold everything better and thicken up to a baby diaper. His mom walked in so he quickly shoved the gun into his diaper. Walking over she picked him up “ did my baby boy sleep well? I bet he did. Come on baby. It’s time for nummies and then bouncies.” Jim wondered what bouncies was. He would find out soon he guessed. His mom sat on the bed and took off her shirt. Once again she pushed Jim onto her nipple. Jim sucked faster this time and drank a lot more, he drank it until he couldn’t get anymore, his tummy bulging out a bit. He was full, but mommy pushed his head onto the other one, and he sucked quickly, starting to get addicted to the taste. His mommy burped him when he was done and took him down stairs. In the living room there was an adult sized baby bouncer. Oh. That’s what bouncies was. His mommy crammed his legs in the slightly to small holes and his butt into the too small seat. He blushed as he felt more than he had before. Mommy giggled and bounced him and left the room. He couldn’t touch the floor. His stomach rumbled loudly and he smiled. He grunted softly, but instead of poop balls he got a thick slimey muddy muck flow in. It was warm and felt weird, but it was definitely filling his diaper up. Suddenly he feels the gun shoot the inside

  1. His diaper thickens to the point he can’t get out
  2. He poops so much he can’t get out
  3. He pees so much it leaks and makes a puddle.
  4. Jim mentally regresses
  5. Jim’s booty shorts turn into a onsie

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