Baby jimmy is home alone

Infinite AR - Episode 94668

Jim was home alone. Everyone else had left for school or work. It didn’t bother him at all, just made him more comfortable with sitting on the couch with a loaded pull up on and a baby bottle in his mouth. He started peeing and felt it get soggy, a small stain getting on his booty shorts. He figured since he was home alone he could really just let it all happen on the couch. He looked to his shorts and shot them with the gun. He watched as they suddenly stretched up and made itself into an extremely tight onsie, the words baby boy appearing on the chest, and the words stinky boy appearing right over his crotch. Jim definitely thought that was true, in fact he had to poop again. Probably from the milk if he was being honest. He grunted softly as a muddy muck took over most of his pull up. He laid back into the couch more and started rubbing his crotch and Ass slowly.

  1. Jim falls asleep
  2. Jim makes more changes
  3. Jim mentally regresses
  4. Someone walks in from work and sees him
  5. His little sister gets home from school

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