Mommy sees jimmys diapey

Infinite AR - Episode 94664

Just as Jim started to grunt softly and let more mess enter his pull up his mom walked in, getting home from the store. She stared right at him, looking at his lower parts. It wouldn’t of been as bad if he wasn’t pooping and he probably could of played it off. But his lovely pull up was still living, and as he pooped it moved the base ball sized poops up the the front noticeably. Between that and him sucking on the baby bottle, she didn’t know what to say. So just in case, Jim shot his mom in the head. She shook her head and then smiled at him. “ how’s my big stinky boy” she said and walked over, she looked at the tv and gasped. “Baby boys are not meant to be watching such crude shows yet.” Jim watched as she took the remote and put it on a baby show. She took the bottle from him and he whined, until she pulled her shirt down. “ baby boy you know that mommy prefers you drink the natural stuff”. Jim gulped and blushed as his mom pulled off her shirt and her bosom bounced out. He was pushed onto them and forced to suck on her nipple. He drank it slowly, and he secretly took his gun, shooting his moms boobs. They grew thrice the size, and when he finished his face was stuck between them. “ such a good baby boy. Come on, time for a burp and then it’s nap time” she patted his back and he burped loudly. He was picked up and taken to his moms room, was laid down. She turned off the light and left. Jim sat up still blushing. He patted his pull up and shot his belly a few times just Because he could, smiling as he started to poop and fill up his pull up more, feeling it move and accommodate under him. He started to pee aswell, successfully soaking the front. Jim laid back down and actually took a nap

  1. Jim wakes up
  2. Jim wakes up to an even fuller pull up

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