Big brother loves his messies

Infinite AR - Episode 94660

Jim slides Jeremy the fetish gun, taking out his paci to explain “ fetish gun. Please use it on me. How ever you want big brother. Whatever you want. Shoot my paci and just watch” he said. Jeremy slowly nodded and shot Jim’s paci, it grew to what would be a good one for an adult. Jim stuck it in his mouth and sucked on it, much more satisfied. Understanding the concept now Jeremy shot Jim’s shirt. It stretched down and changed into a giant bib that said “messy maker” on the front. He shot jims ass, and it bubbles out more, his pull up moving to cover it all. Jeremy looked at himself then to Jim, then back to himself. He stuck the gun down the front of his pants and shot, his cock growing to a foot, not even hard. He had a lovely bulge now. He looked at Jim and called him over. Jim crawled over to Jeremy and sat on his lap with a squish. He pointed to his tummy, and Jeremy shot it. Watching as it slightly bloated out and rumbled, he shot again. And again. And again. He shot roughly about twenty times. Jim squirmed and moaned, his pull up getting ready to. Jim started pooping, multiple balls entering the back quickly, the pull up spreading them out for him. Jim humped on his big brother while pooping, not showing any signs of stopping. Jeremy shot Jim’s pacifier again, and it grew bigger in Jim’s mouth. It shaped into that of a cock, and Jim happily sucked on it. Jeremy humped up into Jim’s filthy padded ass. Jim grunted softly and moaned, a few balls getting bigger at the end, about ten balls of shit twice the size of the rest, filling his pull up completely. The living padding unable to move it to make it fit any better, about to burst. Jeremy came into his underwear again. Jim came into his pull up, and laid against his brother. Jeremy shot Jim’s pull up, and it thickened into a nice baby diaper.

  1. This is jims life now. Forever humping his brother through his forever thickening diaper.
  2. His brother leaves him alone now
  3. Jim takes the gun back and makes changes to Jeremy
  4. Jim mentally regresses

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