Mommy diapers them both

Infinite AR - Episode 94578

Mommy comes back with two thick white diapers in her hands, and her own diaper on. She walks over to Jim “ oh my cute stinker made an even bigger messy didn’t he. Yes he did. “ Jim blushes “ mom he pooped a lot in such little time.” Jeremy said. Mommy slid the diaper under Jim’s messed one. “ then we just have to give him more room for his messies.” She tapered it up tight and set him on the floor. She then grabbed Jeremy. He grunted confused. “ mom what are you doing.” Mommy giggles and pulls Jeremy’s pants down. “ you must be having big boy thoughts again. Cmon into your diaper” Jeremy dropped the gun in surprise as she ripped his boxers off and taped on a diaper. “ there you go”

  1. Jim grabs the gun
  2. Jeremy grabs the gun
  3. Mommy grabs the gun
  4. The gun is kicked under the fridge
  5. Jim’s little sister stuffs the gun down the back of his diaper

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7/29/2019 8:37:53 AM

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