Jim is infected

Infinite AR - Episode 94417

Jim was going to be here for a while so he decided to get up. But then the family broke through the barricade and starts to act more girly and the family members were wearing messed panties and Jim ends up cornered by the family. Then Jim started pooping himself and felt something happened to his brain and starts pooping himself again and and until his pants are actually brown and soiled from all the poop. Jim starts to grow boobs and starts to become a horny girl and starts to become more babyish and slutty. Jamie overloads her pants with poop and fat get up with his bulky poop filled pants. Jamie's behavior and brain start to change his mind about the virus and starts to masturbate with the poop in his beanbag filled pants. The town is infected with this virus and starts to look a more people to infect.

  1. Join your family in blissful ignorance and poop again
  2. The aroused feelings in Jim's mind disappear and Jim return to his senses
  3. Something else

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Danny Hooper

5/2/2019 9:37:19 PM

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