Angelina fails her adventure at the finish line

Infinite AR - Episode 93423

Angelina had made it to the door, that much was clear. However, as the toddler went up to reach for the doorknob a loud far signalled the clear end for the young toddlers journey to get INSIDE the bathroom dry and not messy. The toddlers eyes widened in shock as she farted out a long, mushy turd into her diaper filling it quite easily and not finishing there as several smaller and weighty balls of poo caused the diaper in conjunction with the massive turd to sag. Meanwhile, as she stood there in a now filled diaper she was powerless against the sudden relief of her bladder causing her diaper to become warm and soggy with her urine as she tried desperately to stop herself to no avail. Sadly, the way of a non potty trained toddler won out this time and as a result...

  1. Angelina became even younger
  2. Angelina cried like a baby
  3. Angelina forgot her potty training
  4. Angelina forgot how to talk correctly
  5. Angelina forgot everything about being an adult

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4/24/2019 2:36:10 AM

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