Angelina’s Problematic Potty Adventure

Infinite AR - Episode 93392

Angelina, despite being reduced to the size and age of a 2 year old with the diaper to boot was not one to just give up and with some willpower she began the journey to her bathroom. Her little legs would toddle cutely and quite fast as she whimpered teetering on the edge of control much like that of a toddler still in potty training, she knew that if she messed up even in the slightest that she would be peeing and pooping in her diaper like the unpotty trained toddler she now appeared to be. As she did so she reached the first of many hurdles, her bedroom door. With the need to potty greatly growing in the two year old girl, reaching up to the door knob proved troublesome as she crossed her legs and tried not to pee, hoping to god she would not embrass herself with such as she attempted to open the door crossing her legs on her tippy toes.

Thankfully with some effort and her determination she managed to open her bedroom door slightly and carefully put herself back on her feet uncrossing her legs but holding onto her padded crotch. Her toddler bladder couldn’t last for much longer so she made a pained toddle over to the bathroom... as she reached the door to the bathroom however she found herself...

  1. Still dry, but her bowels had given up along the way.
  2. A small bit wet, but still mostly dry
  3. Soaked, but still needing to go poop
  4. Both soaked and messy, she failed.
  5. Miraculously completely dry... now to get that door open!

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4/22/2019 7:18:17 AM

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