A Turn for the Worse

Infinite AR - Episode 93391

As she found herself in a very wet diaper, Angelina realized, to her horror, that she was getting even younger. She continued to grow smaller and fatter as she reached infancy. Her legs grew weaker until she couldn't stand on her own, let alone walk. She immediately tripped and landed on her butt, while starring at herself in the mirror. Her face was getting too babyish for her as it was well rounded, has a button nose, big innocent eyes, and thin lips. She rolled her tongue around and felt all of her baby teeth shrinking into her gums. All of her shady blonde hair shrank further into her scalp until it was all thin a wispy.

Her diaper got younger too as the color changed to pink and had the title on the rear that said, 'It's a Girl!" Other things appear too like pink mittens, pink boots, and a pink cap. Meanwhile, still sitting in her own urine, Angelina -- now a baby only a few days old -- kicked her legs and started screaming. As the young baby bawls, what happens?

  1. Feeling guilty, Jim arrives to take care of her.
  2. Her daughter comes home.
  3. Feeling guilty, Jim tries to reverse her regression.
  4. Somebody else hears the crying and comes to investigate.
  5. Angelina cries herself to sleep.

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