Nothing but food

Infinite AR - Episode 93132

Back and forth, back and forth. Princess kept knocking the diaper around trying to find some sort of weak point so she could gain access to the yummy bug. Jim had found a relatively clean spot inside his brother's poop coated life pod. The diaper didn't have to hold forever, just long enough for Princess to finally give up.

Eventually the pushing stopped as Jim felt the back corner of the diaper hit 2 different walls. She had literally backed him into a corner.

"Ok Nothing to panic about Jim. This means she can only try to get me from one side, so I should be sa..."

Jim was cut off as Princess made one last jump on top of the diaper, coating him and his relatively clean corner with a fresh coat of slick brown poo.

The frog was flailing as much as she could. Using her forward webbed hands she batted and swatted at anything she could hit.


Jim felt invigorated. Sure he was still only about half an inch tall trapped inside his brother's poopy diaper but he was still alive. And best of all not frog chow.


Jim heard what sounded like velcro being undone and his whole body went cold. Princess had managed to get one of the tapes undone to the diaper.


There went the other tab. Slowly Jim felt his stinky walls of safety slowly loosen and unfold until the front half of the diaper laid fully open, revealing the giant frog which had Jim in both her eyes.

Princess slowly made her way towards the bug. There was no where for it to run so she didn't have to waste energy. Jim, still struck with fear, was literally out of options. The diaper's hourglass shape trapped him inside. He panic'd and backed up as fast as he could up the messiest part of the diaper and up the corner. Jim messed up his footing, he fell ass first down the disgusting slide and landed right at Princesses feet.

She was literally drooling as her maw hung wide open, giving Jim a peak at his future. The mucus and slobber poured over his face as he couldn't move anymore. She had him. Jim was now just another bug for the frog and he knew it. He didn't move anymore, he saw what Princess did to the flies that tried to get away and he accepted his fate as frog chow.

She opened her mouth. It was big enough to fit Jim in no problem. She scooped him up and in he went feet first. In some cruel way she ate him so that the diaper was the last thing he saw. Her mouth was disgustingly warm and moist as the her lips closed around him. This was it, it was over.

She didn't swallow yet. Even worse she started to swish Jim around in her mouth. A fine bug like him just didn't get eaten, it was savored, especially for the harder to catch ones.Though cleaned off Jim would rather lick his brother's diaper clean than be in the frogs mouth.


In a crying tone Jim tried to get his tormentor to end it, but she had another thing planned. Soon he felt hops in the mouth as she was hoping to somewhere.

"Princess I'm back"


Jim screamed and got a second wind. He put his hand through the frogs lips and opened them seeing light. He was able to get his Torso out of the frog's mouth long enough to see his sister staring at him. Frog spit and mucus dripping off him he reached his arm out and screamed


But he was too late. With one gulp the light quickly vanished and Jim was sent to the frogs stomach. He thrashed and banged as hard as he could against her walls but all it did was make her digestive juices move faster. He felt his sister's finger rub against the outside.


But what Jim wasn't seeing was his sister smiling down at her pet frog as she lovingly rubbed it's belly

  1. End

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