Now hiring...Whether you want to or not

Infinite AR - Episode 9257

"...You will become my new employee! Forever forced to carry out my orders whether you like them or not!"


"Oh c'mon! How else am I suppossed to find anyone to work for me? Put an ad in the newspaper? "Wanted: Employee for creepy adult products. Must be willing to wear diapers full time." I can just imagine how many applications I would get!"

"You're crazy!"

The evil manager just looke dat him with a sly smile on his face. "Maybe so, but soon it won't matter to you. I think your diapers just about finished."

As if on cue, Jim felt himself once again wet himself, which caused the already inflated diaper to inflate even more. Jim didn't even have the chance to scream as the big bundle passed over his head, completely enveloping the rest of his body. For a moment, the enormous mass of fluff seemed to glow and pulsate, before quickly deflating. When it was done, Jim stood on teh spot, though he looked different then before. His clothes had changed to look like some kind of uniform and a permanent smile seemed ot be plasted on his face, also, his eyes were glazed over, like he was in somekind of trance.

"Hello sir! What can I do for you?"

"Go wait in my office. I'll give you your assignemnt in a minute."

"Okay!" With that, Jim raced from the room, crinkling all the way. Will the owner now alone, he began to ponder about what to do now.

"With a new worker, I'll have to get rid of someone, but who? Hmmmm...." Walking over to an intercom on the wall, he sent a call out to his factory. "Candice, come down to the potions room. Candice, come down to the Potions room." Not even a minute later, a women maybe in her early twenties walked in. Like jim, she was dressed in a strange uniform, but hers was bright pink with a short tu-tu like dress and an extremely thick pink diaper.

"Yes sir?"

"Candice, I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you go." Candice didn't even seem phased by this. "But before you go, I have one finally thing I plan to do, consider it my going away present to you. Actually, it isn't really a present, as I'll be taking something from you. I'll be taking...

  1. Your youth
  2. Your mind
  3. Your dignity

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