Anime Bodies

Infinite AR - Episode 9155

As Jim looked at his new anime body and sword (Which had appeared out of nowhere) his father walked into. "What's going... Woah!" The gun went off by itself again. Before them stood a 15 year old InuYasha. "What's going on!?" their father demanded" And why do I have the ears of a cat!?" Before Jim could explain the gun went off again. When the flash ended they....

  1. the right age for their anime bodies, and had the memories of those characters
  2. were the right age for their anime bodies, but kept their old memories
  3. Their anime bodies were switched around
  4. thought that they were the characters that they looked like, but were the same age
  5. became the right age for their anime bodies, retained their old memories, and were teleported to Midgar

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8/17/2007 8:47:13 PM

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