Things Are Getting Hot...

Infinite AR - Episode 9124

Jamie began exploring her new body. She took off the pants and put her hand on her panties. She was wearing a G-string, so it was easy to reach underneath and rub her throbbing vulva. As she touched the clit, she screamed, barely able to stand the pleasure. All the while, Karus was watching in the background, smiling. Once Jamie had finished masturbating, Karus looked her in the eye. "It looks like somebody likes the vagina a little too much, hmm? I can take care of that." Karus then...

  1. put her in a diaper
  2. kept her in a woman's body with a penis
  3. changed her back to a man
  4. rubbed her clit himself

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3/11/2008 4:01:27 PM

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