New Teacher Ms. Spulcheck

Infinite AR - Episode 90740

Mrs. Spulcheck’s body began to change. Her beehive styled hair began to turn into more of a bun styled hair do with all the grey hairs gradually turning blonde. Her plump body began to stink down and she started to gain back an hourglass figure with her breasts starting to sag less and less. Her liver spots were gone and were wrinkles were less noticeable. Her old wear pants turned into skinny jeans and was wearing a red jacket. Jim couldn’t believe that his nasty old teacher actually pretty hot when she stopped regressing around age 32. Mrs. Spulcheck looked a little dazed. “Mrs. Spulcheck? Are you alright?” Jim asked. “Mrs. Spilcheck?” The regressed teacher said in a more youthful voice. “It’s just Ms. Spulcheck for now sweetie. Also I don’t believe we’ve met. Are you a student teacher because if that’s the case you are in the wrong room, my friend. I’m definitely not ready for a student teacher yet.”

  1. Jim makes himself older
  2. Jim makes himself a student
  3. Jim makes Ms. Spulcheck younger
  4. Jim makes Ms. Spulcheck a bit older to be her student teacher
  5. Go change another teacher

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