Mom’s back

Infinite AR - Episode 90518

Jim’s mom began blossom into womanhood. Her face started to lose her youthful looks and become a mature woman. Her skinny teen figure began to become an hourglass figure as her boobs and thighs began to get larger. She no longer needed to hold up her pants as they now fit her. Her face began gain wrinkles and her hair wasn’t as lush as grey hairs started to appear. Her hourglass figure began to transition into her old middle aged body as her boobs began to sag and gained some weight. Jim’s Mom had returned to her original age. “Alright, now let’s never talk about this again.” Jim’s Mom replied. “Now if you excuse me I have dinner to prepare.” She turned to leave. Jim then decided to

  1. Let her go
  2. Make her older
  3. Change her back into a teen
  4. Make her into a toddler
  5. Make her into a baby

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2/28/2019 9:52:52 PM

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