Knowledge is poopy

Infinite AR - Episode 90248

Jim thought it was over. But he was far off. It turns out every shit ball is his knowledge leaving his body. The pull up may seem settled, but it was just slowly churning Jim’s knowledge to stinky balls of warm goopy shit. Jim watched tv for 2 hours, his pull up still warm and soggy under him. Jim was strugggling to understand some of the more complicated words. But then his belly growled. Who cared about the show when he had to shit. He looked at his lumpy pull up as it pressed on his bowels. He squatted off the couch and grunted softly. 20 balls filling it up front to back. He sat back in it and returned to his show, only to realise he couldn’t read any of the words on the screen. He grunted and tried, but the more he tried, the more he pooped. He looked at his pull up lovingly,, and poked it, wondering why it was so lumpy. Until he realised. “I went poopies” he giggled and got up to go get mommy. Until he pooped again, 15 balls coming out. He fell into it. He squealed and tried getting up. He forgot how to walk. He started to crawl to the kitchen when he pooped again. He couldn’t crawl any more. He could only babble softly and barley sit up. His thoughts only consisted of having to go poopy, loving his pull up, and wanting more food.

  1. Wake up
  2. Pull up takes over Jim

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2/16/2019 9:40:35 PM

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