Infinite AR - Episode 90224

Jim’s mom still hadn’t noticed the ball of shit in her panties. Even when she sat down in it. But that didn’t really matter. She had to check on sally and make sure she didn’t poop in her pull ups. She was sick and tired of getting complaints from Sally’s teachers. It was her fault, she didn’t even try to potty train sally. Anyway, opening up Sally’s door she immediately smelled sally and went over to her, not even noticing Jim. Mommy quickly changed sally and threw out the pull up. But the smell lingered. She looked over to jim in utter shock. Sally giggled at jim. Jim had gotten off the bed and squatted awkwardly from the thick padding. Jim sucked on the binky sally had stuffed in his mouth as a giant fart left his butt, slimey warm poo following right after. He squirmed a bit and grunted softly, the poo making it through down to the last diaper, extremely full and now sagging under him. As if to add insult to injury, he couldn’t help it, he fell down onto his butt with his legs spread. He hit the ground with a loud squish and gave mommy a full display of him now peeing himself and sucking on the binky. He slowly looked up at her and froze. “JIM WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU, TAKING YOU SISTERS PULL UPS AND USING THEM LIKE A BABY. HOW IS SHE SUPPOSED TO LEARN FROM YOU” she yelled angrily and grabbed him by the shirt. Jim acted quickly and shot her in the chest with the ray gun. She instantlu calmed down and smiled. Her breasts inflated out aswell. He heard a loud crinkle to, mommy now standing awkwardly. “ such a good job jimmy. Your pretty much unpotty trained now. Your setting such a good example for sally. “ she pat his butt and started to leave aswell. He wanted her as she walked, the back of her pants getting lumpy. Looking down at his pull up he was worried it would fall off. So taking a risk he shot his pull up. Sally watched in awe watching her big brothers pull ups change. One moment he was standing up somewhat normal. The next his padding thickened up, and just got thicker and thicker and thicker. Until he was left imobalized. He was on the floor, his legs close to doing a split, the diaper had to be a foot thick all around now. Sally rushed over and took the gun from Jim. Jim started taking the paci out when she shot it. He yelped through his now giant pacifier. Sally giggled and shot Jim’s shirt. Jim squirmed and made sounds of confusion and anger. His shirt poofed out into a short pink frilly dress. Sally cheered and shot Jim’s belly. It swelled and ballooned out gurgling angrily. She made an interested sound and shot again. Jim whimpered as it ballooned out even more angrily. “Jimmy has to potty real bad. Do you need help” Jim nodded eagerly. So sally shot his belly 5 more times. Jim squirmed as his gut was enormous, bubbling badly. Then she pushed on it. He squirmed and watched it all go down and felt it all enter his diaper, the amount barely even remotely showing on the outside. He panted through the paci blushing hard. Sally shot his diaper again out of curiosity to see what would happen. It didn’t seem like anything, until Jim felt something giant enter his butt. “Sally lunch dear” sally ran off to go get lunch. Leaving Jim behind. The thing in his butt started to move at a quick pace. He grabbed the gun hopping to fix this mess. He shot the dress and binky quickly thinking it would help. Well the binky was bigger now, and in the shape of a cock in his mouth. The dress became a half onsie one, and managed to gain more frills somehow. Fine. He went to undo the onsie part only to find no snaps or buttons. He was stuck. Forever like this. To poop in an oversized diaper and frills. The cock paci in his mouth started twitch so he sucked. This was his new life

  1. Wake up
  2. Find a way out

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