A Mother's Love......Amplified!

Infinite AR - Episode 8994

Jim's mom Josie turns around slowly. The dishwater had soaked the front of her apron, leaving her bare breasts easily discernable from the front. Normally, her son stood at 6ft and she was only 5'5".....today though, her height was unexplainably increased to 5'9" and the twelve year old Jim stands at a lowly 5'7". A very large difference in viewpoints. "Hey it's ok, don't say hi to m-" Josie began to mutter in exasperation at the quiet. She stopped as soon as she saw a naked, nearly hairless boy she knew from long ago, standing naked and holding himself looking petrified. "Ohh, my gooood." she breathes, a light flutter runs up from down below to rest in her throat. She stands there, breathing heavily for two seconds. "uhhhh, hi mom." Jim says with incredible difficulty. Here he was reduced to a preteen, standing in front of a larger, much sexier version of his mom. She let loose a breathe which flexed her chest and made her breasts make a soft sound of 'ploob' as they pulled apart under the apron. "Jimmy? Is that you?" she asks in an uninhibited way. She could feel tingles of excitement and pleasure? run through her body as she looked at her little son. "Ohhhhh, you look....soooo....adorable, baby!" she says while she saunters over to take a better look at him. "Oh boy. She's probably sizing up all the implications of having me younger right now..." Jim thinks as he grips his meat tighter. She is a full head taller than him...which hasn't happened for many years. Her increased bustline is level with his eyesight in a most teasing manner. She bends down a little and smothers him in a hug. Her warm, moist breasts embrace his face and neck and he tries to talk into her cleavage. She looks down his backside and giggles at his cute little tush. "Baby, what happened to you? You look like you did when you were in grade school!" She smiles and pats his head. Her enhanced body was giving him some mixed feelings.... Her nipples feel great against the wet, coarse material of her skimpy apron, and respond by growing hard.

  1. Does Jim Get a Boner while his Big Momma is Hugging Him?
  2. Does Jimmy Get even Younger while in his Big Momma's Arms?
  3. Does Big Momma start to suck his tiny cock ?

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5/3/2007 4:06:59 AM

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