Jim Needs His Mommy

Infinite AR - Episode 8992

Jim scampers down the hallway, avoiding the sight of his new big sister Katie attempting to fit into a tiny Gap shirt made for a young girl. He runs down the stairs and stops just as the tile floor of the kitchen meets the carpet of the living room. He glances up at a most unfamiliar sight. His mother, Josie was washing dishes while wearing a small cooking apron....in just a pair of tight panties! Humming to herself as she worked, her 45 year old body looked to be more youthful than Jim had remembered. Her long legs looked a little thinner and tanned while they led up to a very wide ass and a rather small waist for her age. Her large E cup breasts which were splendorous before children and menopause were supported and firm as if they were on a 25 year old, except for their incredible size. She would fit the definition of a MILF. Little Jim stood there holding himself with his mouth open for what seemed like ages. He considered just high-tailing it back upstairs to his room and not coming out for 5 years. He did not want his domineering, feministic, proud-to-be-a-female mother of his to see him in his diminished form...."What would she do with me?" Jim gulped unconciously. Being a housewife while maintaining such a cornfed figure was hard enough without her obnoxious and male-egotistical son making her feel bad. He was definately a man. One that did not respect women. He was certainly not a man that could devote himself properly to one before he even asks her to be physical with him. Josie's own son made her feel anger and shame. He was always against her for everything ... ever since he could get around on his own in the world. She secretly reveled in the days when he was simply a bundle of joy; as she affectionately calls it, 'still on the tits.' Ofcourse, Josie is overboard and very tyrannical with her beliefs. Too bad for little Jimmy that her "Rosie the Riveter Does It Best" club meeting was canceled due to high school wrestlers needing the gym. His mother hears a small sound from behind her, and the pitter of small feet other than the ones belonging to the cats. Thinking it was a playful gesture by her family member she asks in a husky, almost demanding voice, "Who can that be to see big momma?" She chuckled to herself. She definately thought of herself as 'Big Momma'.

  1. Josie turns around to talk to Jim
  2. Jim runs out of the room

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5/3/2007 3:48:19 AM

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