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Infinite AR - Episode 8991

Jim walked into his know 16 year old sisters room. "Its so weird Jim" his sister said as she held up her old clothes "none of these fit me" She tried to pull a pair of cute cartoon panties on but the ripped half way up her beautiful thighs. She looked at Jim who was standing in her door way in just a pair of briefs and laughed. "God Jim, You are such a baby" A tingle went up Jim's spine as the feeling of de aging hit him again. 'Oh no!' thought Jim 'the device must have left some of it abilities in Kati when she broke it! Jim started to shrink, his body becoming chubbier and more baby like. His briefs turned into a thick diaper and he started to cry. Kati's face looked suprised for a moment and then the memories of what had just happened came back to her. "Yay!" she screamed "I have a baby brother again"

  1. Jim messes his diaper
  2. Kati Breast feeds him
  3. S.E.

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11/1/2007 3:10:10 PM

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