Anal vore death

Infinite AR - Episode 89480

Suddenly diaper jim was gone and he was back to normal. But his face was stuck in mom's ass cheeks. She giggled seeing him. "Jimmy, you should've asked if you wanted to be mommy's shit." Jim panicked as he felt his head start to get sucked up her asshole. She stood up and walked to her room, still sucking in him. She put on a diaper she had in her stash and moaned, her ass swallowing him greedily. Jim squirmed and screamed, but when mom put on the diaper he got shot up faster. Mom looked at her gut now, full of a squirming him. The diaper she wore got stuck in her ass cheeks like jim did. Her stomach stopped squirming and she giggled. Her ass grew 2 times bigger, and then she squatted down. Jim was a monstrous ball of shit noe, making her diaper fill out. A pure 200 pound ball of shit, it sat right under her ass. She slowly sat down in it, and it spread everywhere, her diaper now giant and lumpy.

  1. Damn what a death

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1/14/2019 6:12:50 AM

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