Lillian the teenage diaper girl.

Infinite AR - Episode 89477

Lillian had now lived as a pampered diapered toddler for 7 years now and was now a 16 year old teenage diaper girl. At this point she had dramatically regressed mentally and had the full mindset of a diaper dependent 3 year old completely forgetting about the girl she once was. Lillian has only aged physically which for her only ment bigger clothes, bigger diapers and bigger messes. She woke up one morning in her usual state big pink pacifier in mouth wearing a now baby blue footed onesie with her hair now in long pigtails and of course a full diaper. "Morning stinkerbell" said mom "smells like my princess needs a diaper change" she cooed as she effortlessly lifted the 16 year old toddler from her crib, unzipped her onesie and placed her on the changing table. Lillian brainlessly sucked her pacifier happily as mom untaped her full diaper threw it away and wiped away all the poop. After Lillian was powdered mom brought a fresh diaper out and taped Lillian up. This new diaper looked as if it were designed for adult baby fetishists but of course this new dumber Lillian had no idea and once again saw it as her toilet. Mom then put Lillian into a pink t shirt and oversized toddler overalls "now go and play now princess" said mom as Lillian waddled off as she continued to enjoy her diapered days for the rest of her life.

  1. Lillian is doomed and diapered forever.

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1/15/2019 7:58:25 AM

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