First full nappy in years.

Infinite AR - Episode 89445

As Lillian waddled around the house in her nice thick new nappy she stumbled across a box of all of her old toys that she had when she was a toddler. In an attempt to fully mentally regress in the padded 2 year old girl she once was she got out the toys and started playing carelessly. "Aww you look adorable" cooed mum looking over Lillian "I'll switch this on" as she turned on Dora the explorer for Lillian to watch. Lillian became engrossed in the show whilst playing with her baby blocks and drooling babyishly without a care in the world. Then Lillian felt that same feeling in her bowels that she felt last night and could also feel her bladder filling up. Lillian prepared to rush to the toilet before looking down at her nappy and thought "you're a helpless little girl now" she thought "let it all out". Lillian then let go of control of her bladder and sphincter and quickly began to feel her nice warm pee spreading across her nappy thickening the padding heavily. It wasn't long before she felt her warm sloppy poo fill the rest of her nappy. It all felt so good for Lillian as she didn't have to worry about a thing she just needed to enjoy the messy sensation. Eventually her poo enlarged her nappy lifting Lillian a little higher off the sofa until she was sitting in nothing but her own poo. She then finally stopped letting out a satisfied "ahhhhh" before groggily falling asleep still sitting in her own mess. Lillian was eventually woken up by "uh oh looks like princess poopypants needs a nappy change". Mum then lifted Lillian once again effortlessly but brought her upstairs into her bedroom. Everything was completely different as Lillian's bed had been replaced by a huge cot and her TVs and desk had been replaced by what looked like to be a giant baby changing table and piles of nappies. The walls were also all covered in pink with pictures of all the Disney princesses just like the ones that used to be on her pullups. Mum took off Lillian's tutu and lay her down on the changing table for her 2nd nappy change. Mum once again took the messy nappy off, binned it and wiped the poo off her messy bottom and privates. She slid under a fresh new nappy and taped it up nice and tight. Mum then brought out a purple footed onesie and guided Lillian into it and then zipped it up and began to carry her oversized toddler to her cot while popping a pink dummy in her mouth. She lay Lillian and tucked her in her cot safely "goodnight my little princess mummy loves you" she said softly as she turned the light off leaving the 9 year old toddler to fall fast asleep.

  1. The next day.
  2. Lillian has a dream.
  3. 7 years later (TBDL Lillian)

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