Infinite AR - Episode 887

Satisfied with his device, as shocked as he had been, Jim smiled and went on his way. Dancing through town, past his own house and over to Sharon's house, excited to show his girlfriend the gift. He waltzed up to her front door, hand raised to knock... when he heard a distant sound. Almost like a pair of moans. The times he and Sharon had sex came to mind, but only one of those moans was clearly Sharon, and the other clearly wasn't him. An oncoming feeling of dread and despair taking over him, Jim reluctantly ducked away from the door and around the house to where he knew he'd be able to peek in through Sharon's bedroom window, having to climb the service ladder on the side of Sharon's house to reach the ledge outside her room. Staring in, he saw Sharon in throes of passion with...

  1. ...Jim's cousin, Mitchell.
  2. ...Jim's father.
  3. ...Jim himself. But if he was here, then who was in bed with Sharon.
  4. ...Jim's sister, Katie. He'd mistaken the other moan for a man, at first, but he'd been wrong.
  5. Someone else.

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