The Continuous Story Shop?

Infinite AR - Episode 8785

Jim stared at the Continuous Story Shop. "I never noticed this before". Jim decided to go in and see what the store was all about.

Instantly after walking in, the owner of the store (A big portly man who had an infectuious smile)greeted him.

"Welcome to the Continuous Story Shop, you are my first new customer" the owner said with a grin.

"What is this store all about?"

"Thanks for asking. See, this store is all about continuous stories. Every continuous story is here. From Anime to Comic Books I have it here. There all in there seperate isles. I even have real people's contiuous stories as well."

"Real people?"

"Yep, from a celebrity to a homeless person I have it. I even have yours!"


"I do. And since you are my first customer, your first continuous story is free."

Jim couldn't believe this, it was so exciting. He couldn't pass off the offer of having a free continuous story. He really didn't believe he had his own story, but he had to see."

"Which kind of story do I want?"

Jim deicided what he wanted and went down the...

  1. Real People's Section
  2. Anime Section
  3. Comic Book Section
  4. Fiction Section
  5. Mythylogical Section

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