Make myself older.

Infinite AR - Episode 859

"Make myself older. Duh." the kid holding the gun shrugged, and Jim noticed the other kids all staring at him in surprise, as if this hadn't been part of the plan. "You're gonna stop Katie, right? Can't do that if i'm an adult. I can just send you to your room."

Jim backed away slowly as the device that was supposed to be his greatest invention was willingly turned on the personal holding it and their delusion that being an adult somehow gave you special mind control, or something. Eyes darting around, he looked desperately for a way out of this, to stop this happening. There had to be an escape...

  1. Jim doesn't think fast enough, and the kid's zapped into an adult.
  2. Jim ducks towards the kid before they fire. It's his device, he knows the timings on it, after all. He trips the kid holding it, catching it as they drop it.
  3. Jim tries to run away, ducking and weaving as he does so.
  4. Something else.

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