Baby Jail

Infinite AR - Episode 85488

Kent stands up and walks over to Camden and puts his hands on his hips and looking down at his teenage baby brother and picked him up "ok Kiddo i think you need some time to yourself" Kent than proceeded to carry Camden upstairs Camden simply smiled he was enjoying this and he was the baby now he could be bratty when he wanted to so as soon as Kent started to climb the steps Camden started to whine and squirm Kent was getting really annoyed and he ended up swatting Camden's thigh and Camden yelped but continued to whine and Squirm Kent finally reached the Nursery and layed Camden in his crib Camden gave a large pouty face and Kent just chuckled and said "sorry Camden but you need to settle down Dad will be by to get you for dinner so just sit tight" Kent than left the room and Camden layed in his crib and started laughing "Camden this is so much fun i mean man i can get away with whatever right now" Camden said as he looked around the nursery and saw that the whole room had a dinosaur theme there was even a rocking chair in the corner Camden than saw a paci in his crib and he put it in his mouth and started to suck on it Camden than layed in the Crib and put his hands behind his head and started to plan his next move

  1. Camden decides to shit himself
  2. Camden takes a nap

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