She likes a Man in Diapers

Infinite AR - Episode 8534

She blushes a little, but then looks at Jim rather seriously.

"Well," she starts, " to be honest, I've always had this thing about seeing, a man in diapers. Plus, you've got such a nice ass, Jimmy, that tush sure would look cute wrapped all nice and snug in diapers!

Jim thought. This chick is crazy. On the other hand, she likes my ass, and is clearly getting turned on by the thought of seeing me diapered.

"Come on, " she says, in mock, pouty, fashion, "Pleeease? Who knows, you might actually like how it feels to have your crotch and bottom all tightly cradled in that nice, soft, material..

Jim begins to blush at the way she speaks of his 'crotch and bottom', though he can't deny the erection growing in his pants as he wonders weather he should humor her...

  1. No Way! Send her home!
  2. Ok....I'll try it, Sense I Like You

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9/23/2014 4:14:23 PM

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