Curiosity got the best of me

Infinite AR - Episode 84586

Jim walked in the store called "Feminine Baby" inside had pink walls they had really pink clothes made for a sissy and they also had pink diapers with tabs that makes you waddle and were all sizes they had adult sized baby accessories that were all pink. He walked up to a cashier that Jim found extremely hot and said "Do you know what this place is?" the cashier smiled "This is Feminine Baby a place where a sissy baby's dream comes true" she said cheerfully "Your our first customer you get your first set of being a sissy baby for free" she said happily.

  1. Take the sissy baby maid set
  2. Take the sissy baby school girl uniform set
  3. Take the sissy baby furry set
  4. Take the Extremely Girlish Sissy Baby set
  5. Let the cashier pick.

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9/5/2018 5:04:54 PM

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