Two Year Old Angelina goes Number Two

Infinite AR - Episode 83439

Angelina would find herself unable to emote for quite some time, standing there with an open mouth unable to react to what she had become. I mean, after all its not every day a mom is turned from a fully grown adult into a diaper wearing toddler. However, Angelina would snap out of that stupor as quickly as she went into it with the sudden realization her waste did not regress with her, and her toddler body’s lower section would make a great gurgle sound as she held her tummy in slight pain. Angelina knew at once, being a mother who had to change diapers that this sound didn’t signal good news and she would try to take a step towards the toliet but it was all too late...

Angelina taking one step was all that was needed for her adult sized poopy to finally win the war against her now toddlerized bowels which were unable to hold back the mess, had the now toddlerized girl been sooner to the punch perhaps she could of changed things... however this was not sooner as she felt a loud fart leave her bum and she instinctively froze in place as a childish grunt escaped her lips in her new lispy toddler voice signalling an end to her diaper being clean. She felt her body involuntarily squat and grunt more until it finally hit, the first messy diaper she would have had for years, it started out slow at first as a large poopy log left her bum and filled the seat of her plain diaper but then it happened again, and again, until eventually her diaper’s backside expanded outwards to a point where her bum looked twice it’s original size. Her face would flush red from effort and embarrassment as she stood up and her diapers contents would mush against her bottom making her feel gross and even more babyish then before.

The now toddlerized adult had been thoroughly embarrassed by the whole experience but the worst had yet to come as she now...

  1. Felt the need to go pee as well
  2. Saw her previously younger daughter enter the house
  3. Felt her mind start to regress
  4. Sighed and tried to change herself
  5. Found herself unable to control her emotions as she started crying

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4/22/2019 2:34:24 AM

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