Angelina can’t control her bladder anymore

Infinite AR - Episode 83438

Angelina would sit there quite shocked for some time unable to emote in response to the transformation she had just undergone and the new attire she now wore. She would poke the padded garment she now wore to make sure it was real and found that it very much was as she stayed rather shocked of what just happened. It was almost as if she couldn’t really process her feelings into emotions or words.

However, her bladder decided to fix that as she suddenly blinked in realization of something. She felt her diaper was alot warmer and squishier then it was a mere few seconds ago and this is when she looked down and noticed she was full on wetting herself with no control whatsoever! The regressed adult tried hard to stop peeing but it was far too late as her diaper filled with urine and sagged greatly making her greatly disappointed in herself.

As the pee subsided and she now wore a very used diaper... the now toddler Angelica found...

  1. She needed to poop as well
  2. It was harder to think like an adult
  3. Her daughter was home
  4. She couldn’t speak right
  5. She was getting even younger

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4/22/2019 4:30:00 AM

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