Angelina feels the call

Infinite AR - Episode 83436

Angelina would stand there for abit shocked and unable to emote before she would quickly be shook out of it by her own body. Despite her sudden diaper, she could still control her bladder and bowels, both of which were calling out for relief in need of being expelled. Her adult sized bowel movement and bladder evacuation presented her with a pickle, sure she could hold it for now... but could she make it to the bathroom with her stubby legs and diaper waddle without loosing control? She wasn’t sure.

The new 2 year old Angelina was presented with 3 options: 1, stand still and pee and poop herself; 2, try to get to the toliet or 3, take off the diaper and look for an alternative. As Angelina weighed these options she felt the need draw closer until she finally...

  1. Chose to go to the bathroom
  2. Ripped off her diaper and looked for an alternative
  3. Sighed and chose to use her diaper
  4. Realized she waited too long and use her diaper

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4/22/2019 4:37:05 AM

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