Infinite AR - Episode 83079

Jim woke up with what he thought was his pacifier in his mouth. It wasn't, instead it was one of the new bottles, three empty ones besides him, and the one he is drinking is only half full. Daddy is holding Jim's bottle and rubbing jim again. Jim moans in content and blushes deeply. As he finishes the bottle he farts loudly, and daddy just feeds him another bottle. Wanting to make daddy happy, he tries holding it in, and sucking down the current bottle faster. He sucked it down in two minutes flat, but wasnt able to hold it instead he shuddered and squirmed in pleasure as he made mush fill up his diapey. He humped into it and looked up at daddy. Daddy smiled, so Jim said "daddy.. more milkies" he asked softly. Daddy was very happy, and gave a bottle to Jim. Jim sucked it down and made grabby hands up at daddy. Daddy handed him another. Jim sucked it down and asked for more. Daddy then handed him a bottle with a much larger cock, and held 20 gallons of milk. Jim happy engulfed the cock and suckles away. He peed and kept humping his diaper. Jim finished his milk and didn't ask for more, instead asking for his paci "daddy. Wan my suck suck" him forgot what it was called. Daddy gave him his 'suck suck. It looked bigger than before, but that didn't stop him from suckling. "What are you baby boy" Jim giggled through his suck suck and giggles "daddy's cuk sucky messy baby" he said excitedly. His diaper swelled out again. Daddy picked up jim and happily hugged him. Daddy changed jims diaper into a regular one, in which Jim immediately filled up with his mess. Jim watched as daddy through his old diapey away. Jim pat his new diapey while sucking on his suck suck. He bounced and squished in it. Daddy took his pacifier out and smiled. Jim whined "wan suc suck" daddy smiled "you'll get one" him happily got on his hands and knees in front of daddy as daddy pulled out his cock. Jim instantly started to suckle on it like he would his paci. He bobbed his head and swallowed softly as if this is all he knows how to do. And it pretty much is true now. Jim squirmed in pleasure as he pooped, and daddy made cummies in his mouth. "Good baby" daddy put his cock away and made him sit on his lap. He put jims suck suck up into jims ass again. Jim squirmed in pleasure and bounced in his diaper. Daddy decides to be nice and puts him in the cummy chair. Jim loves the cummy chair. It makes his mess warm and vibrates on his crotch. Jim used the attached hose after getting a hold of it. Daddy watched him in interest. Jim put it in his mouth and let himself be filled by the hot goo. Daddy smiled "how many cummies have you made." Jim took the hose out for a moment. "7 daddy." Jim put it back in and let his stomach bloat out. It was easy to get him full, but jim went past that. Jim let himself consume 59 gallons. He was extremely bloated. He took out the house and stuck it in his diaper. Daddy giggled watching him, jim humping into his sloely filling diaper. He didn't need the hose for long though, having to poopy so bad he pushed push his paci and started to make more messies. Jim dug into his diapey and daddy was startled, but calmed down once him took out his suck suck. Said suck suck was instantly being used. Jim drooled and moaned. Daddy shoved his face in it. Jim now loved poopy diapers. They only get changed once every two weeks. When the first change happened, Jim asked to hold it. Daddy let him hold it and him shoved his face in it. Jim now uses his diapers as pillows. Squishy stinky ones. He loves it.

  1. The end

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