Infinite AR - Episode 83078

Jim moaned and humped and bounced helplessly. He was drooling and had came about 10 times now. The hot goo hadn't come out yet either. Daddy came back in an hour, gently taking the cleaned pacifier out Jim's mouth. "Mmm. Are you having fun baby boy. Daddy loves this. Watching you hump and squirm." Jim moaned loudly, the vibrations getting worse again. His poop was bubbling under him. "What are you baby. Tell daddy what you are." Jim moaned out "a big diaper boy" daddy frowned a bit "that'll work for now..." Jim came again and the cummy chair stopped. The moment he was lifted up, the hot goo came spilling out of him. "Oh yes. The incontinence goop. No more even trying to control your poopy or pee baby boy." Jim groaned softly and hiccups. His diaper warm. His diaper suddenly started to swell again. It tightened on him and poofed out 6 feet under him. Daddy smiled "your diaper is quite big now. Daddy loves it. And you will to." Jim was sat on the floor, in front of the couch. Daddy stuffed a new bottle in jims mouth. It was larger, and the nub looked like a big cock. Jim sucked on it willingly, the 5 gallon bottle emptying quite fast. While he suckles daddy let's his own cock sit on jims head. It was extremely big "I love magic. It's why your mentally regressing, and why my cock is three foot long." Jim laid back, his eyes drooping. The five gallon bottle emptied, and being replaced with an identical one. Daddy put his cock away and jim finished this bottle no problem. Jim started having trouble on the third one. He had twelve gallons in him before, this one would make him have 15. Daddy's foot squished gently on jims diaper. Jim started peeing, relaxing more. Daddy put another bottle in jims mouth, and he suckles soft and slow. The taste seems better now. The creamy milk tastes sweet, kind of like eggnog, but not quite. It's thick enough that it coats his throat, and fills his stomach effortlessly. He starts getting cramps, and he can't help but to start shitting it all out. It made more room, and he started going fast. Daddy kept rubbing Jim's crotch with his foot, and Jim humped up into it slowly. Daddy took his foot away and watched Jim hump up. "Good boy. You learn quick don't you" daddy praised. Jim finished his dinner, and daddy picked him up, taking him to his crib. Jim sat in his mush and watched daddy leave the room. Jim looked around and realised he didn't have his pacifier. It kinda made him sad. But he didn't need it! Right... right. Not having anything better to do he got on all fours and humped into his diaper. It wasn't as good as the chair, But the warm mush was enough to make him spill. Jim sucked his thumb and rocked himself to sleep

  1. It was a dream
  2. He wakes up to being fed

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