Infinite AR - Episode 83077

Jim wakes up in the morning around 8 am. His diaper is extremely soggy, and the manager is standing over him, rubbing his crotch. "My baby boy wet his diaper. Such a good boy." He said. Jim squirmed a bit and tried talking, but remembered he still had his cock pacifier still in his mouth. Whimpering he suckles on it, starting to calm down by doing so. The manager keeps rubbing his crotch softly, and jim can't help but get a boner. The rubbing felt really good for whatever reason. Probably the warm soggy padding, being so squishy and the rubbing was just right. The manager smiled "aww my baby boy likes rubs hmm." The manager kept rubbing softly. Jim blushed. He wanted to scream and yell how much he hated this. He wanted to kick the manager in the face and escape. But... This felt good... no... yeah... besides, even if he did leave the pacifier in his butt is still there and he had a full stomach. In what of which still hurt. The manager had taken his hand off jims crotch. Jim actually whined about it "if you want out of that crib your gonna have to make cummies in your diaper with daddy's help" him sat up slowly "with out using your hands " Jim groaned and hiccups, but he complied and got on his hands and knees. A tear fell down his face as he humped into his soggy mushy diaper. He sucked on the pacifier in his mouth while doing it. He whined and groaned, before cumming into his diaper. "Good baby boy. Making cummies for daddy. Now then. It's time for breakfast." Jim whimpered and squirmed when he was picked up, not wanting to eat anymore. He was already having trouble, he kept pushing as if he had to poop. And he does, but his pacifier was blocking it. Jim was sat down in the highchair and given a large bottle again. The pacifier was taken out his mouth, and set aside. He sloely lifted it up and started to suckle on the nub. The taste was decent. He actually started to like it, the creamyness was satisfying, and it seemed to make dadd-... The manager happy. He finished it off and was handed another one. This repeated until he was on bottle seven. Halfway through the fifth one he started to ache again, and when he barely just started the sixth he peed again. His butt was trembling, and his pacifier wasnt going to stay in place long. On the seventh, he took an hour to finish it, trying to stall and give his belly time to stop acheing. The only reason he finished in an hour instead of two, is because the manager had started rubbing his crotch again, and he got excited, the pee warm and his crotch squishy. He ended up gulping the formula down, humping up into the managers hand half willingly. "My baby boy loves cummies. He drinks all his milky like a good boy." Jim was taken out of the highchair and brought into a bedroom. The bed was large, and the manager set him on it "on your hands and knees baby boy" Jim whimpered but did what he was told. "I-im not a baby" he got a soft pat to his bottom "oh yes you are. Only babies make messies like you do. Now. Let it all out baby" Jim went to protest again but he suddenly moaned in relief. He barely pushed and his pacifier popped out, and an avalanche of poop following it. His diaper sagged down almost instantly. Jim pushed so it would go out faster. He suddenly realised. He's been calling the pacifier that was in his butt his. Shuddering at the idea, he looked down at his diaper. It was dark brown and sagging down to the extreme. The manager was happy to squish and smell it, making sure it went all over jims crotch. Halfway through pooping, he was turned onto his back, and he was being rubbed, again. "Come on baby. Make cummies from your poopy." He got hard, but he didn't like it. "P-please stop" he didn't get and answer. Instead he was sat up, and dad- the manager put his hand down the back of his diaper. Jim blushed, and shuddered at an idea. But the managers hand left, and he was now holding his pacifier. It was filthy. "Babies can't talk unless it's good words." Jim struggled, but the poopy pacifier was now stuck in his mouth. He was forced to suck, and he didn't like it at all. Jim stopped pooping shorty after that. But that didn't stop daddy from making him cum from his poop. He was picked up and taken to the nursery again. That's when the manager rubbed an oil all over him, his body hair going away ever so slowly. Some was poured down the front of his diaper. He was then sat in a speacil chair, and was strapped into place. Jim squirmed and whined. Daddy smirked "this is what I like to call the cummy chair. You'll find out why" jims eyes widened suddenly, his bottom being vibrated. The chair started to get warm, and the strap over his diaper vibrated. Jim squirmed and moaned softly, sucking on his pacifier more. Something pokes his butt, and he looked down. A tube was now in his diaper, going through the left leg hole in the back. It poked around before going into his butt. Jim moaned and squirmed, the vibrations getting worse. Daddy left the room. Suddenly him felt something starting to fill him. Hot goo was being pumped up his butt. Jim came into his diaper and stayed hard. Between the pump, the vibrations, and the fact that the chair was making his mess warm was to much. He was bloated full of goo before the pump left, and he was stuck there. Jim started humping up into the chair and his soiled diaper

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