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Infinite AR - Episode 83068

Jim sat in the bouncer for 5 hours. No sign of the manager. Jims diaper was uncomfortable, and it didn't help that every move he made, the pacifier in his ass seemed to go up further. No matter how hard he tries, he can't get out of the bouncer, esspeacilly now with his diaper weighing him down. Jim started peeing himself right when the manager walked in. The manager smiled at him and lifted him out the bouncer, rubbing his soggy crotch "Good baby boy. All wet for daddy." He said, patting Jim's crotch and walking out of the store holding jim. It was closing time, and nobody else was around to see him like this. "P-please... let me go..." Jim pleaded softly, having no strength at the moment. The manager smirked sitting jim in a baby sized carseat. He strapped him in the five point clicker tightly. Pressing down on jims crotch "aww baby boy, you've already been told. Your paci isn't coming out till tommrow. And you've already gone pee pee." The manager rubbed Jim's crotch softly, playing with it. "And your free to make cummies in your diaper" "I'M NOT ENJOYING IT" jim yelled. The manager left him in the seat and got into the drivers, starting to drive home. While on the drive him could've sworn his diaper had been smaller. And he was right. His diaper was swelling up. It swelled up to the point of where it w asnt sagging anymore, just bulging out two feet from his crotch. "Do you like that baby boy? Every time your diaper gets full it swells out more. It'll do it until it bulges out about 10 feet. The day that happens, I plan on having you my messing baby boy. Oh yes. You'll mindlessly shit yourself all the time and make cummies in your diaper. You'll only get changed once a week because you won't wanna get changed. Your all mine now baby. " Jim panicked and squirmed, but his seat kept him down. The manager laughed softly at him and kept driving. It took an hour, and the managers house was isolated back in the woods. The manager undid Jim's buckles and lifted him up, taking him into the house. "Let me go... please. I don't want to be a baby... I just want to go home" the manager cooed softly and pat jims butt "you are home baby boy. Home is with daddy." He brought jim to the kitchen, and put him in a highchair. Jim squirmed a bit and whimpered softly watching 'daddy' make Jim's bottle. The manager brought the first bottle over and put the nub in jims mouth, Jim squirmed and tried refusing. The manager simply pushed him down so Jim's pacifier did go further up into his butt. Jim whimpers and suckles on it, closing his eyes tightly wishing he wasnt here. It takes half an hour to finish it, and when he does, a second one is already ready for him. He whimpers again and opens his mouth for it "there you go baby. You are having five bottles tonight, and another seven in the morning. Your being such a good boy" Jim whined but continued to suckle away. He wanted to get it over with, and this bottle was done in 20 minutes. The third one was set on the highchair tray, just to see what he would do. Jim looked at the manager, who looked back down at him expectantly. Jim lifted it up slowly and began to drink it. It was thick and creamy. Jim finnally decided to take notice. Smooth going down and sweet to the taste. His stomach groaned and gurgled with how much was in him, but he managed to slowly finish the bottle. Jim was handed the forth and he didn't try to hesitate on drinking this one, afraid that if he did, he would puke. He was done the fourth one in only 10 minutes. Jim was drooling and squirming in pain at this point. The manager decided it would be better to hold it this time. Jim whimpered and suckles on it, his stomach gurgling and shaking from how full he was. But he slowly managed to finish in a whole hour. "Good baby boy. You ate all your dinner. Your going to make such a big messy tommrow. I can't wait. " Jim looked at the manager helplessly, getting taken out of the highchair and out down into a crib. Jim laid there holding his stomach. The manager held up a pacifier, one just like before and put it in jims mouth. Jim sucked on it softly, his eyes closing slowly. "Night night stinky boy"

  1. It was all a dream
  2. Jim wakes up in the morning

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